The benefits of upskilling your workforce

  • Provide skilled workers for the future
  • Increase staff loyalty and retention
  • Increase a company’s bottom line
  • Develop new skills and knowledge
  • Achieve industry recognised qualifications
  • Improve workforce – at not cost to the employer

Provide skilled workers for the future

Apprenticeship programmes help employees to improve their skills, which will benefit and improve a company’s workforce. An apprenticeship will also ensure that the skills developed are matched to the company’s future needs. This will help fill any skills gaps and allow the business to source future managers and leaders from within.

Increase staff loyalty and retention

Employees who have been trained in-house tend to be highly motivated, committed to the company and supportive of its business objectives. An apprenticeship encourages employees to think of their job as a career and to stay with the company for longer, which reduces recruitment costs. Offering an apprenticeship to an existing member of staff shows that you see them as an integral part of the workforce and are happy to invest in their future.

More and more employers today are waking up to the benefits of apprenticeships. This can either be employing a new member of staff as an apprentice or encouraging an existing employee to further their career by taking an apprenticeship.

Increase a company’s bottom line

Investing in staff trained through apprenticeships has a positive effect on a company’s finances, making it more competitive. Furthermore, as companies receive funding for each apprentice they take on, it means they don’t have to spend as much to recruit new staff.

Develop new skills and knowledge

Offering people apprenticeships gives businesses the chance to play an active role in moulding their future workforce and creating the future skills that they need to help their businesses grow.

Achieve industry recognised qualifications

Your employees will achieve and hold industry recognised qualifications which will demonstrate their competence and knowledge. This can have a positive effect on your company when tendering and winning new work. The staff you provide are fully trained and qualified.

No cost to the employers

The apprenticeships that we offer are funded through the apprenticeship levy so employers incur no cost to upskill and train their staff.

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