Applicable across Wales and England

What are the benefits of this qualification to the learner and employer?

This qualification is aimed at apprentices in the rail engineering industry who need to demonstrate their competence to enable progression within their workplace and careers, they could be learners who may have limited prior experience in rail engineering but have the ability to achieve a level 2 qualification.

Its purpose is to provide candidates with sufficient knowledge, understanding and practical skills to introduce them to the industry and prepare them to undertake the NVQs in Rail Transport Engineering successfully.

We pride ourselves on achieving above-average completion rates and have provided apprenticeships for over 8 years across the railway industry to high profile and recognised companies. Our Rail Apprenticeships give learners more knowledge and confidence, as well as the foundations for low skilled workers to progress to seeing rail as a career with upskilling opportunities.

Key information

  • Aimed at individuals undertaking track maintenance duties
  • Available as a framework and as a standard

What can be achieved?

  • Level 2 NVQ in Rail Engineering Track Maintenance
  • Level 2 in Rail Engineering Underpinning Knowledge


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